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Electrical Load flow Analysis
Electrical Distribution Architecture
Captive /Backup Power design
Circuits and Switchgear selection and sizing
Cables and Bus Bars selection and sizing
Electrical Panels & Distribution Boards
Electrical inspectorate approvals co-ordination
Cloud based documentation storage management


Commercial, industrial and residential space lighting design
3D renderings, colour temperature and light filter change
Creating different light scenes and dimming
Daylight integration of interior lightings
Lighting design report generation with illuminance chart, 3D views, luminaries specifications
Lux level calculation on design and occupied stage of the building


We offer a wide range of solution for document storage. We store document from concept design to facilities management.

All business critical documents shall be categorized and uploaded in cloud based document storage system.

Documents required by the project or facility manager shall be retrieved in a click of a mouse within few seconds
Authorized access to individuals establishes safety and security of the documents.
To keep it simple, just throw us the company vital documents, we will organize, categorize, store and retrieve it when needed with at-most safety.

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